Standard East Village

A vibrant new addition to a classic Manhattan neighborhood

In partnership with acclaimed hotelier André Balazs, Ironstate’s transformation of the Cooper Square Hotel into the Standard East Village injects newfound personality and attitude into its excellent existing framework.

Located in the emerging Bowery market, the Standard departs from the now-commonplace boutique experience of Manhattan lodging and creates a new

paradigm for downtown boutique properties. While Andre is sometimes known for developing hotels famous for their celebrities and parties, the Standard’s 145-room atmosphere is more profound, tranquil and introspective — a place to be seen without being seen. And building on the belief that the best hotels are integrated with their communities, the hotel reimagines its lobby, restaurant, and ground floor as true public spaces that relate to the surrounding neighborhood.

Formerly the Cooper Square Hotel, Ironstate partnered with hotelier Andre Balazs to transform it into The Standard East Village, maximizing its location in the center of the East Village where every room has breathtaking views spied through wall-to-wall windows.

It's more of a concession to the neighborhood’s
history than any made by predecessor, the Cooper Square Hotel.

The Standard East Village retains a more understated and handsome interior than its avant-garde West Side brother.

The current second floor bar will be transformed into a space exclusively for guests to enjoy, such as this library.

The new lobby will extend into the hotel’s current garden with the addition of an outdoor café, new restaurant, and first-floor bar space.

Good hotels are a
center of their

With pop-up clubs and performances in the 21st floor penthouse, the Standard East Village is becoming a larger presence in the neighborhood.